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Kar-Narayan Lab



We develop a range of functional materials for application in biomedical sensors. These range from conformable physiological sensors to epidermal electronics to functionalised microfluidic sensors. We work closely with clinical partners to develop bespoke solutions for their needs. We are also interested in sensing and stimulating biological matter at the cellular level. There is growing evidence that biological systems are exceptionally sensitive not only to their chemical environment, but also to their mechanical environment. That is, the forces and displacements experienced by a cellular system are crucial in determining its behaviour. This is the fundamental principle behind an emerging field of research known as ‘mechanobiology’. Understanding exactly how biology responds to these physical stimuli could have significant implications for biomedical implants, regenerative medicine and bio-inspired materials. Research within our group is concerned with the use of piezoelectric nanomaterials to interface mechanically with cellular systems, with the view of creating tools for mechanobiology – a ‘piezoelectric lab-on-a-chip’. Piezoelectric nanomaterials are ideal candidates for such a device, given their ability to both detect and apply force.